The are several brands and products that rank highly in SexTech, however, when it comes to app controlled toys, these are some of the biggest players that are making monumental waves! View our handpicked, 5 of the best app controlled sex toys.


Lovense: “Lush” Vibrator 

Now this is a sex toy that is known to have users gripping the sheets, table or whatever happens to be in immediate proximity! One of Lovense’s newest products, ‘Lush’ is a curved vibrator that is designed to reach the G-Spot, sending “powerful vibrations that will stimulate the entire area”. The bendy, bluetooth antenna on the top end remains outside of the body to help transmit a strong signal between the product and a mobile device.

The smartphone app comes with many features such as close range and long distance control, sound activation and music synchronisation. According to the site, there is no limit to how many patterns you can use and the toy is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. (see web page for specs.)

As if these features weren’t already impressive, you can control the vibration, intensity, record the sounds, add music and adjust the sensitivity, choose whether or not to loop and other transitional settings. It’s both quiet and discreet, easy to use and USB rechargeable, hands-free and waterproof. Amazing!

Picobong: “Remoji” BLOWHOLE™ M-Cup

The self described ‘fun and funky sister-brand’ of Lelo is really quite unique in it’s approach to sex products. It’s designed to be accessible by sex-positives of all levels and diverse enough for all genders and sexualities to enjoy while still featuring boldly coloured, contemporary designs.

In this instance, the Remoji BLOWHOLE M-Cup is a vibrating male masturbation cup. It is connected to the mobile app via bluetooth and offers 6 different vibration settings. Simply download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, connect your cup, choose your settings and you’re ready to take it for a ride. If you want an added splash to your solo play, you can use it in the bath or shower as it’s also waterproof and near silent. So there you have it gents, you can give your righty (or lefty) a well deserved break and take the Remoji for a test rub.

Je Joue: “Nuo” Butt Plug

The Nuo has been turning heads as of late as a leading couples sex toy. For those who enjoy anal play or are keen to experiment, this could be the item you’ve been looking for. The Nuo is described as the “world’s first dual-motor butt plug”. We have to agree with Je Joue in that it’s design is rather unique, the curve and bulging tip will certainly provide users with a comfortable yet intense experience, stimulating all the right areas in the right ways. The purpose of the dual-motor is to provide the user with simultaneous or separate prostate and perineum stimulation.

The app has 5 different speeds and 7 patterns to choose from. You can also adjust the vibration settings and save the ‘sessions’ that can either be used again or sent to another app user. Like the above products, the Nuo is rechargeable, quiet and waterproof. If you’re looking for a butt plug that provides an intensely pleasurable experience that you can customise, it’s worth checking this out.

IMTOY: “Piu” Interactive Vibrator

Another product that is dubbed as the first of it’s kind is the IMTOY ‘Piu’ male vibrator. The sex toy is smartphone and tablet connected and provides stroking, vibrating sensations via it’s “3 whisper-quiet motors”.

The App itself has it’s own adult content library, so you choose which sexy scenes to get off to while the Piu reacts to the action. You also have the option of adding your own erotic content to the app’s library. The app features default vibration settings but also a manual mode, which enables users to control the vibration level themselves.

The sleeve features a luxe, black and red design that is both sleek and high tech. It’s ultra soft, smooth finish makes it a product that would fit like a glove but feel like heaven. Also, on the product itself there is an on / off button and two arrow buttons for navigation and control. Without doubt, this sex toy was designed for those who love the finer things in life that are still accessible in price.

OhMiBod Lovelife: “Lightshow™” Massager

Does the thought of sexy encounters under neon lights spark your wildest imagination? This product can help you to bring the party home with it’s 5 bright LED lights. Tantalise your partner with it’s vibration and excite them with it’s colourful light display. Connect the sex toy, via bluetooth or Wi-Fi, to your smartphone via the OhMiBod app and control it’s settings. The lights pulsate as the product vibrates, talk about a sensory overload!

Not only that, there’s a compatible black lace thong that you can purchase additionally to enjoy the pleasure on the move. You’d literally, have a rave in your panties!

That concludes our list of app controlled sex toys, have you used any yet? If so, what product(s) did you use and what were your thoughts? Leave your comments below!


Written for Lazeeva by Burn The Night