It’s that time again where the summer season is sadly drawing to a close and many of you are squeezing in those last minute short-breaks because Jane seized all the ‘holiday time’ you initially wanted before you could write on the request form at work. So it’s finally your turn, but while you’re away, you may want to consider these top hookup tips in the event of a sizzling hot summer vacation.


Yes, this your mini ‘must read before summer sex ensues’ guide. Pay close attention people, it can be the difference between make or break!

1. Introductions

Sometimes (particularly after a few shots or jagerbombs) it can be really tempting to just go and kiss the face off of the hottie at the other end of the bar that’s been eying you up for most of the night. However, we recommend communicating a little first. You can be creative with your body language and be incredibly flirty before inviting them over or heading over for a chat. The alternative is you can simply speak to them and find out a bit about who they are, what they are doing there… any potential spouses you should be aware of! Let the conversation flow naturally see where it ends up.

2. Alcohol

For the love of everything sexy, don’t get too drunk! We recently wrote an entire article on this subject, as many of you lot are still attempting to have really drunken sex. More often than not it ends up in the drunkard falling asleep in embarrassing positions, a trip to A&E or some very apologetic calls the next morning. Being sober is best if you are self-confident, getting a bit tipsy is also fine and can help to loosen you up a bit if you are a little more shy or still tense from work, getting face-numbingly drunk on the other hand, is not cool. More often than not, you’re probably just gonna put your ‘person of interest’ off and if it doesn’t, it’s probably not the kind of person you should be going anywhere with.

3. Safety

Make sure someone knows where you are! Even if you are travelling alone, make sure your BFF or closest family member knows where you are and that you’ve met a perfect stranger. They might not approve if they are conservative or prudish but safety first, always!

4. Health

So, you’re in the zone. You’re touching, kissing, tasting, exploring. You’re about to get down and do the dirty. What’s the next thing you need to consider, even in the heat of the moment? Protection. Whether its a heterosexual or homosexual hook up is irrelevant, what matters is maintaining good, safe sex practises. If the person refuses to use protection, this should ring alarm bells. Rather than going ahead and risk potentially contracting some nasty STIs or becoming pregnant, make it a deal breaker.

5. The Morning After

This goes for all genders: don’t be an asshole the next day just because ‘you got some’. Be kind, be warm and respectful. If you get on really well and want to spend more time together, perfect! If you get talking more and realise you have next to nothing in common, politely part ways. Make sure they know you had a great evening and you hope that they enjoy the rest of the trip. If you had an awesome evening then you’ve made a great memory even if it doesn’t lead to anything. Just be honest yet respectful. If the person starts being an asshole just remind them, that the memory of them means and weighs less than a trash bag and that’s exactly where it will end up. Hold your head high and enjoy the rest of the vacation.

6.  The Holiday, Not The Hook Up

Sometimes when people hook up, they get on so well that they end up spending most of the holiday together until one of them has to go back first, or if fate has it the same day. Either way, you will be parting ways at some point. It’s great that you have someone to spend the time and to explore a new destination with, unless you are with others. If you simply ditch them for your summer fling, that’s going to cause friction within your original entourage. It’s not a good way to treat those you had planned to spend time with. Make sure you spend some time with them before arranging to meet up with your sexy friend again. There’s no reason to have to pick one or the other but if they want you to ditch your group at their beck and call, remind them who will be there for you when you both head home.

7. The Call

When you’re leaving, say your goodbyes, remind them that you’ve had an amazing time and that you can keep in contact should they like to. Exchange numbers, add each other on skype, Facebook or whatever. After all, the world is a small place and you could meet again in the same or a new destination. They might even end up near your city one day, stranger things have happened. Just make sure neither of you go all stalker crazy on each other. Space is good particularly when you’re not item or even in the same country! Respect that each of you has a life to lead and just see what happens.


Just kidding… but no really, that’s the main tips we have in relation to the ‘holiday hook-up’. Keep it fun, light-hearted, safe and respectful. That’s all there is to it. So if you’re about to go on holiday, have fun and upon your return do share your sexy exploits with us in the comments section below!


Written for Lazeeva by Burn The Night