Funny sex facts

There are several stories about obscure legislation in various countries that are trying to control the meanings of „immorality“ or “obscenity”. We just wonder who made these laws and why? Have fun with this infographic and feel free to send us funny laws or articles about funny sex stories at

60 seconds of playful joy

It’s Monday and we know that you somehow need a beautiful sign today. Watch this video, dream and keep on rocking this week. Playful joy and erotic moments shall path the way for you this week! This is how weekend memories of Lazeeva look like (if you can remember). Enjoy 60 seconds of pure and […]

Dating for women and playful pleasure

Hey ladies are you still looking for Mr. Right but you are not sure whether joining a dating site increases your chances? Actually, it’s a question of lust vs. love. But don’t worry! Playful pleasure can often be the best foundation for true love. Check out this infographic and think again! For our male readers, […]

Virtual sex and augmented reality

Sex and tech! Are you thinking about Kamasutra right now? This time it’s not about your personal techniques to please your partner but about real high-tech solutions adding even more pleasure to your sex life. If you thought the only devices relevant to sex are sex toys like vibrators, dildos or masturbators…then guess again! Here’s […]

Girls love porn

Are you still sleepy from the weekend? Tired and depressed with the whole week still lying ahead? Heads up! We have some news that have the potential to make your day! Girls love porn! As simple as that… Not exactly the porn produced for men, featuring ugly guys doing things to girls that no girl […]


It’s like always when you are searching for beauty. On the one hand it’s subjective and on the other hand it’s hard to find. You might have several lucky shots and find collections from talented people or companies that share your desire and feeling of style. For our WE.LOVE series we crawled the web to […]

Sex and online gaming

Online Gaming is a man’s thing only? No, actually there are more women than men who play games online. Online gamers are show tendency for social awkwardness? No, especially female gamers have more sex than non-gamers by trend. Still don’t believe us? Then check and enjoy below infographic and learn about online-gaming trends and its […]

Sexting: Sex dating in the mobile age!

“14% of Apple iPhone users would choose their phone over sex” The use of erotic content on desktop computers and laptops is declining. Especially sexting (sending sexually explicit messages and/or photographs) is getting more and more popular worldwide. Additionally we see an interesting tendency that more and more people are using their phones while having sex. […]