F*ck Marry Kill - Your Dating Game for a Casual Date!

FREE APP STORE DOWNLOAD Every couple of months a new casual dating app is being released. Their obvious popularity tells us something: people want short-term, noncommittal fun and mostly look for an adventure by means of mobile apps. It would be naive to think these men and women are all single. According to a [...]

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Mental Exercise Games - with a little twist!

FREE APP STORE DOWNLOAD "Uhhhhh..." "Ahhhah!" "Woaaah!"  If you were playing PC games in the mid-nineties, you probably played Sex Tetris by Auric Vision Ltd. and know what funny sounds we are referring to. For those of you who don't know this infamous game: Sex Tetris worked just like normal Tetris, but instead of stacking [...]

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Lesbian Action: the thrill of watching Girls on Girls

FREE APP STORE DOWNLOAD Erotic videos depicting girl-on-girl action are among the most popular in adult entertainment. It's not just men or lesbian women watching women getting it on with each other, also straight and bi-curious women appreciate the aesthetics of same-sex intimacy. 'Lesbian' ranks as highest search term for porn by women Pornhub's [...]

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Adult Statistics 2016: Santa knew the VR headset would be the perfect gift!

FREE APP STORE DOWNLOAD Did you know that during the holiday season the Google search for adult videos spikes through the roof? Even though Pornhub states quite a drop of porn watching behaviour during the holidays in general in 2016, Google Trend showed a significant interest in all things VR around Christmas time. The [...]

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Feeling connected: Love in the cloud and other connections

FREE APP STORE DOWNLOAD The way we experience intimacy and pleasure, both alone and together, is changing. Or maybe not so much changing; we are gaining more ways, more possibilities to feel pleasure, to meet and connect with people everywhere around the globe and to maintain an intimate connection, even when we are apart. [...]

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