POV Head Rig Makes Virtual Reality More Immersive

FREE APP STORE DOWNLOAD Virtual Reality Technology as it is today already provides us with pretty amazing, almost real experiences, but when it comes to adult VR videos there's still a sense of detachment. The active performer may come very, very close, which is mind-blowing to say the least. When we look down, though, [...]

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Pole Dancing - The Ultimate Sexy.Sassy.Classy.!

FREE APP STORE DOWNLOAD It's elegant. It's impressive. It's sporty and it is extremely sexy. Pole dancing in our opinion is the ultimate Sexy.Sassy.Classy.! So for this week we have chosen two of our favourite pole dance videos that show the beauty, power and sensuality of the female body in action. On a side [...]

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Pokémon Go Porn - the most recent hype!

Have you spotted them yet? These people on the street, in shops, in restaurants and at the office, staring at their mobile phones while walking here and there, then suddenly standing still, somehow seeming lost or on the lookout? They are hunting down Drowzee, Zubat and other Pokémon characters to complete their Pokédex, their minds [...]

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