Pokémon Go Porn - the most recent hype!

Have you spotted them yet? These people on the street, in shops, in restaurants and at the office, staring at their mobile phones while walking here and there, then suddenly standing still, somehow seeming lost or on the lookout? They are hunting down Drowzee, Zubat and other Pokémon characters to complete their Pokédex, their minds [...]

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Adult e-commerce can now enjoy same sales-conversions as mainstream e-commerce

You are a producer or retailer of a high-end adult product line and have a top-notch online shop to present your assortment to your customers. So why the need to additionally reach your audience through a shopping app? More and more potential customers compare prices, read reviews, do research about the product of their interest, [...]

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Best Time for Sex is…

The best time for sex is 7.54am for men compared to 11.21pm for women. Most of us sensed it… men are more horny in the morning and women in the evening. But is it just a subjective feeling or is there some evidence in it? In an article from the Mail online there are some statistics about the [...]

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Fifty Shades in 2014?

Was the past year 2014 a culmination of naughtiness? After Fifty Shades Of Grey hit the shelves we talked a lot about the revolution of female sex lives. The producer of innovative and high-class sex toys LELO analysed the data from their survey and created a beautiful infographic around it.

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Virtual reality sex and augmented reality

Sex and tech! Are you thinking about difficult Kamasutra positions right now? This time it’s not about your personal techniques to please your partner but about virtual reality sex adding even more pleasure to your sex life. No doubt you may have already heard about the booming industries of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Probably you [...]

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SexFit: Fitness tracking for sex

Are you into self improvement and fitness tracking? How big of an attitude do you have to continuously work on yourself and thus improve every detail possible? Do you already use a fitness tracker like FitBit, Garmin or Jawbone? Source: Bondara.co.uk No matter how hard you try to track everything possible about your body, performance and fitness, [...]

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