Japanese Porn: The 5 Hottest Stars

From almost anywhere in the world, if you are into adult entertainment, you are bound to come across both authentic and not-so-authentic Japanese porn. Japan’s adult industry not only has a staggeringly huge fanbase within the nation itself, it is also widely popular the world over. So who are the leading stars that Japanese porn [...]

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Keijo Hentai: Is it sexy?

Keijo!!!!!!!! The most sexy sports discipline since the invention of Anime and Hentai! If you don't know it yet, think of your most desirable Anime girls dressed up in tight swimsuits and catfighting in an oily arena. Now you can play your most sexy girls yourself in a new Keijo Hentai game! FREE APP STORE [...]

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Movie Sex Scenes: 5 Science Fiction Movies Made Science Fact (Part 2 of 2)

From giant sex machine chambers and 3-boobed sex workers to psychic alien sex, these are just some of the hottest science fiction movie sex scenes’ and their realistic alternatives. Looking for something mind-blowing to add to your sex life? Read on! For Part 1 of this article, please click here. FREE APP STORE DOWNLOAD [...]

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Sexy Style Guide: 3 Outfits for On-Trend Sassiness

September has arrived, but there’s no need to mourn the end of summer! Transitioning into autumn wear doesn’t have to result in bleak mediocrity. With our super sexy style guide, you can now create your on trend, A/W’17 wardrobe and showcase your sassiness with a few provocative and sensual additions. FREE APP STORE DOWNLOAD Casual Street Style [...]

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7 Hookup Tips for Holidays

It’s that time again where the summer season is sadly drawing to a close and many of you are squeezing in those last minute short-breaks because Jane seized all the ‘holiday time’ you initially wanted before you could write on the request form at work. So it’s finally your turn, but while you’re away, you [...]

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Sexy Lingerie: Top 5 Brands

From the pretty and playful to the ultra sultry and luxe, nothing makes a woman feel like a sexy minx in the way that sublime, new lingerie does. While many brands boast of quality, comfort and style, there are a select few that always have us practically whipping out our credit card whenever a new [...]

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Hentai Babes: Top 5 Sexiest Anime Girls

Millions of people worldwide love anime, games, comics and movies… many of the adult fans also happen to love one other thing… sex. Couple your favourite, most alluring characters with wild sex scenes and you have the erotic art phenomena, otherwise known as Hentai and sexy Hentai Babes. Hentai is made up of popular characters [...]

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