Porn Privacy & Security: Enjoy Safely!

Are you concerned about porn privacy?  Data protection, online security and cyber hacking are all buzzwords relating to privacy and security whilst accessing and downloading adult content, either from a website or an app. The fear of cyber hacking has reached new heights, but luckily for Lazeeva, there are specific measures already in place ensuring [...]

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Sexual Fantasies, Role-play and Sex Tech: the Ultimate Sexperience

When an Amazonian Goddess meets Superman with a couples vibe at the ready, a night full of debauchery is bound to ensue! For several decades now, some of the most vivid of encounters involved role-play and / or sex tech for many...literally sexual fantasies coming true. So what new treats could be in store for [...]

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Female Sexuality Finally An Accepted Part of ‘Womanhood’

Sexual health professionals and sexually liberated women a-like can finally rejoice as female sexuality has finally become an open topic for discussion through mainstream channels. FREE APP STORE DOWNLOAD For centuries, there has been an abundance of sexist and ill-informed meanderings about female sexuality and what constitutes healthy attitudes and practises towards sex in [...]

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Hentai VR Porn: Ultimate Fantasy Made Virtual Reality

The adult industry has been one of the first to embrace virtual reality with open arms. With free porn so widely available, producers had to start thinking outside of the box in order to both keep and attract paying subscribers. What better way to do that than to combine their audiences’ recreational key interests: hentai [...]

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Teledildonics, Sex Robots and the Future of Sex

SexTech has become a vibrant industry all of its own. Adult product manufacturers are constantly having to come up with innovative and visually appealing sex products in order to keep up with the competition. Pioneering brands that are putting sexuality and consumers first will cement the future of luxury sex toys such as Teledildonics or Sex [...]

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Mobile Sex Games Continue to Attract Mainstream Audiences

It is no secret that PC and Console games with mature / adult themes reign in a huge mainstream audience, but what about adult mobile gaming - specifically mobile sex games? In unison with the continuous rise in mobile device sales, adult mobile games are far more popular than you may think… FREE APP STORE [...]

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Couples Adult Entertainment is Fun and Inclusive

FREE APP STORE DOWNLOAD Upon viewing the clickbait titles from British tabloids and ultra-conservative European press alike, there’s been a wave of publications reaffirming the notion that ‘adult entertainment destroys relationships’. However, to suggest that it is merely an inaccurate statement would be an understatement in itself. Dedicated Couples Adult Entertainment is exactly the [...]

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