One of the main features of the Lazeeva App Store is that all the Apps are only visible and can only be launched within the Lazeeva App Store. In order for this functionality to be available Publishers need to modify the .xml manifest file and upload the modified version of their Apps on the » APP SUBMISSION FORM

You can easily modify your App following this simple step by step » DEVELOPER GUIDE

The » LAZEEVA TESTER APP checks if the .xml manifest was properly modified, it checks both instructions on the » DEVELOPER GUIDE for modification of the .xml manifest file:

» If the App is removed from the default device launcher (screen).
» If the App can be started/launched within the Lazeeva App Store.

Check compatibility of your APK files with the Lazeeva App Store

1. Please download the LAZEEVA TESTER APP from the following » LINK.
2. Install the LAZEEVA TESTER APP on your device.
3. Add the .APK that you need to test on your device (install it directly on your device).
5. The LAZEEVA TESTER APP will check all the Apps that have been installed on your device, including the one you want to test.
6. If a problem has occurred with the manifest file (if the Developer has forgotten to remove the line, as per the DEVELOPER GUIDE instructions, the App will be shown on the default device launcher) and you will be notified about this error.

7. Please check to see if your App appears on “MY APPS”. Regular Apps that have been installed on your device will not be shown here.
8. If the App is not displayed inside the LAZEEVA TESTER APP the necessary line is missing from the .xml manifest file (if no Lazeeva apps were found you will be notified).
9. If the App has been modified correctly you will get an “All installed Lazeeva apps have valid manifest”.