For many years the adult industry has been dominated by men. Erotic videos where made purely for the male gaze. Sex toys “for women” were created by men and matched their idea of what may feel good to the ladies, not what they really enjoy - and what makes sense anatomically. Fortunately, this is not the case any more. Women have taken their place in front of the camera and at the sex toy designer’s table and have been creating hot, original and advanced products every since. That’s not all, though. Sex tech evangelist Cindy Gallop, the heart and brain behind the video-streaming and sharing platform Make Love Not Porn has founded the first and only sex tech fund to enhance sex tech business opportunities and further socialise sex: Global happiness is enhanced by better, healthier sex, and technology will help us achieve this goal. But for sextech to thrive and scale, more investors need to follow (these) women’s lead. As Gallop says, “There’s a lot of money to be made in taking women seriously.” -

Librarian and very successful adult performer Ela Darling is another great example of a woman who understands the importance and let’s just say it out loud, the fun of progressive sex tech. Darling was still working as a deputy director in the local library as she started her career as a performer in adult entertainment. New technologies and especially how she could use them for physical satisfaction have always fascinated her. As the opportunity arose, she co-founded the company VR Tube. Darling had the experience of creating erotic VR videos as a performer and was very aware of the disadvantages of adult VR. For one she recognised how crucial good quality is for a satisfactory end product. Being inside the world of virtual reality the viewer can easily be distracted, so an eye for detail is important. Another issue is the alienating sensation the user experiences when the passive body in the video is not theirs. To avoid the brain getting confused, the passive performer doesn’t move or use his hands, for his movements would not correspond with the viewer’s. When it comes to VR videos, this is still an issue to be solved.

Based on her notions Darling came up with the great idea of combining Live Cam with VR. She created CAM4VR, a cam platform offering interactive, live sex performances that can be viewed in Virtual reality, and together with her partners developed a special software that automatically creates a 360° video from various takes. The performer only has to switch on the camera and can then immediately devote herself to the live interaction with her customers. Not only does CAM4VR solve the problem with the alien body, for there is only the user and the cam performer involved. The user can communicate with the performer and get a custom-made service.

Ela Darling is convinced Social VR is the future and we agree. Watching a naughty video is very pleasurable, no argument here. But being able to interact and chat with a desirable female or male performer and have the sensation of being so close you can almost touch, that is the next level of erotic entertainment. Sex tech is the future. Women such as Cindy Gallop and Ela Darling see this very clearly and play leading parts in shaping the future of pleasure tech for all of us.


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