Borg Queen: ‘Are you familiar with physical forms or pleasure?’
Data: ‘If you are referring to sexuality, I am… fully functional, programmed in… multiple techniques.’


A little quote that the Trekkies among us will recognise for sure! Let’s talk seriously about the future of human sexuality for a bit, though. Technology is going to bring us more possibilities to get sexually satisfied, even without another human being being physically close or even involved. Virtual sex, immersive entertainment, sex robots. For many of us all this sounds scary and somewhat far away. It is not. We are talking about technical developments being realised within the next 5 to 20-25 years from now. Most of us who read this blog entry will live to see all of this happen.

Sex tech raises many questions, causes fear of the unknown. Will we lose the connection to one another? Will we lose interest in physical intimacy with each other? The question we need to ask ourselves is will we humans be able to adapt and understand what is entertainment and what is reality? When we communicate openly about this topic and offer broad spectrum sex education to the generations after us, we are positive we will.

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People have an inhibited fear of change, but we only have to look at history to see that we have always adapted. At first we were hesitant towards electricity. Now we’d be nowhere without it. Imagine our fear when we discovered fire! We were scared to use the telephone. Now we can’t imagine to be able to function without our mobile devices. We watch TV, we see movies in 3-D in the cinema, we step into airplanes, some of us even into spacecrafts. Since the end of 1997 we have been able to live fantasy lives in MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). Supposedly, it will be possible for humans to travel to Mars around 2025. So what is holding us back when it comes to our sexuality?

Yes, sex is something primal and intimate, but that does not mean it can’t evolve and adjust. You think remote sex is something new? Think again. As soon as humans were able to write and send each other messages/letters, we had remote sex. Phone sex is remote sex. Cyber sex is remote sex. There is no difference, it is just more advanced technology, and it is all there to connect us when we’re physically apart.

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We grow into technology, humans as a species develop with it. Let’s not see sex tech as a threat and be scared of it. Let’s talk about it, open the dialogue and see what opportunities are out there that enrich us as a person and our relationships as we live them as a whole.

To give you an insight of what is about to come, we share a compact infographic from The Future of Sex Report.

Infographic future sex


You can read the full report on The Future of Sex.

It may sound incredible and we may not be able to grasp it all just yet, but the generations after us will grow up thinking the existing technology to be normal. They will be able to deal with it, for so did we.

Borg queen: “Your android brain is capable of so much more.” *wink* 

Header image: ‘Star Trek – First Contact’