“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls” - Coco Chanel

Lazeeva Pearls are virtual tokens that are used by users for all safe and secure purchases within the Lazeeva App Store.

Lazeeva Pearls for Members

Every registered Lazeeva App Store user can purchase Lazeeva Pearls. The more tokens you purchase, the bigger the discount we grant on your Lazeeva Pearls shopping basket. As soon as you topped-up your Lazeeva Pearls credit, you can spend it on any product within the App Store (premium downloads) or In-App purchases provided by our App Publishers. There are currently just 2 product-categories, which are not elligible for In-App purchases with Lazeeva Pearls: e-Commerce and Dating Services. However, we are working with our publishers to enable Lazeeva Pearls being the only mean of transactions within the Lazeeva App Store - for the sole benefit of our users.

3 Simple Steps to your Lazeeva Pearls

1. Tap the Pearls-Icon on your Lazeeva App Store screen as logged-in user.
2. Select the amount of Lazeeva Pearls you want to purchase.
3. Select your preferred Payment Method and pay inside the safe and secure payment environment provided by one of the world’s leading and most trusted online payment partners.

Safety & Trust

Please note that Lazeeva does not record or store any payment information such as credit card or banking account data - for your safety, security and trust!

Please contact for any questions, concerns or issues with Lazeeva Pearls.

Lazeeva Pearls Price-List

Pearls Discount Price € Normal Price €  Discount
400  - 4.95€  -
900 9.95€ 11.10€ -11% off
1900 19.95€ 23.50€  -15% off
2500 24.95€ 30.90€  -19% off
 5400 49.95€ 66.80€  -25% οff


You can choose CREDIT CARD PAYMENT (processed by SegPay) or SOFORT for purchasing your Lazeeva Pearls.
For Billing Inquiries: please visit SEGPAYEU.COM , our authorized sales agent.
To cancel your Payment: Please visit SEGPAYEU.COM , our authorized sales agent.
Text on Card Statement: Charges will appear on your credit card statement as SEGPAYEU.COM Nu Emotions.

If you need help on SOFORT please click on one of the following links, according to your location.

Belgium NL
Belgium FR
Czeck Republic

Charges will appear on your bank statement as Nu Emotions.

Lazeeva Pearls for Publishers

All publishers can offer their Apps as premium downloads charging a defined amount of Lazeeva Pearls to their users. Furthermore, by integrating the Lazeeva Payment-SDK (please see here), publishers can offer In-App Purchases within their apps.

At the end of each month Lazeeva pays-out the amount of Lazeeva Pearls generated by an app to the respective publishers - minus the sales commission. The exchange-rate is fixed at 1 Lazeeva Pearl = 0.01 EUR

Thanks to real-time updates and exclusive access to their Lazeeva Pearls account, every Publisher enjoys full transparency and control over his sales. Furthermore, every end of the month payout-receipt clearly states the country-of-origin of every App Store purchase - in full accordance with European Union regulations.