Couples know this topic in and out: the daily battle for the remote control!
But there is another remote control that couples are lunging for in the evening, since it gives the possessor control over the degree of playful pleasure…

What we are going to show you now is a list of selected sex toys, which can be controlled remotely by an actual remote control or even by Smartphone App (please stay alert for the soon-to-be launched Lazeeva App store to get all the high quality erotic apps including those we list here). All these remotely controlled sex toys we list have also in common that they are designed with strong sense for style, beauty and functional performance in order to add ultimate pleasure to their users.

„WorldVibe“ by „WorldVibe“:
If you ever imagined a connection of sex toys with smartphones by the addition of interactive and ‘gamified’ elements for playful couples: Here is the blueprint for next generation manufacturers! With this gadget you can choose between your personally created vibes or simply enjoy the vibes provided by the global WorldVibe community through the Cloud. For your very own picturesque vibes you can create them from gentle rhythms to wildly pulsating staccato moves; all easy to change and adapted as desired. App-usage is very intuitive and thanks to the 2engines you can fully enjoy the vibrator reacting to either one of the four preinstalled vibes or your own ones. The connection between the main Smartphone and the device is enabled by Bluetooth with a reach of 30 meters…

Price: $161 or €119

Source: WorldVibe

World Vibe, source: WorldVibe

“Bluemotion NEX|1” by „OhMiBod
The NEX|1 is a beautiful massaging vibrator that can be applied all over the body down to intense stimulation of the clitoris. The gadget comes with an app in which you can select between various modes of vibrations. The BlueMotion can be applied for spontaneous teases and arousals anytime, anywhere and by any iPhone or Android device. Women can wear the vibe in lingerie positioned along their intimate curve. It has a sleek arc-shape for hands-free clitoral contact. The blueMotion comes stocked with a blue lace size-adjustable thong and a privacy storage pouch (of course a charging cable is included as well).
OhMiBod has evolved from “the iPod® vibrator” to the contemporary innovator of technology-focused love toys with wireless remote controls.

Price: $129 or €95

app-controlled sex toys OhMiBod

Bluemotion NEX 1 – Source:

“Ida” by “Lelo”
Unlike the “WorldVibe” or the “Bluemotion NEX|1” the “Ida” is not controlled by Smartphone App but by a unique remote control. It is a sex toy for couples that can be used not only for the foreplay but also during sex. It delivers pleasure through
1. Massaging her clitoris with its outer parts
2. Stimulating her G-spot with its inserted parts
3. Massaging his penis while being inside the vagina
The remote control is especially helpful as there is no need to interrupt the playful game in order to change from one stimulation mode to another. With its innovative SenseMotion-technology, the remote control can be intuitively used by shaking, swinging or rotating.

Price: $200 or €159

Source: Lelo

Ida, source: Lelo

“Secret Panty” by “Love to Love”
Now ‘hot pants’ are literally brought to life! Secret Panty is as its name suggests a panty (available in different sizes), which has an integrated mini vibrator at the crotch area. Thanks to a separate remote control it can be activated anytime at home or spontaneously outside on-the-go. With this love toy you never have to worry about a boring moment in your everyday life – may it be a long train journey or a blue Monday in office: Playful pleasure is just one touch away!

Price: $35.69 or €39.90

Source: Love to Love

Secret Panty, source: Love to Love

The „We-Vibe 4“ by „We-Vibe“
Just like “Ida” by “LELO”, We-Vibe 4 is a couple toy. Its ergonomically shaped design fits her body perfectly and thus comfortably spends pleasure in all the right places. As it can be attached during love-making, it can even simultaneously stimulate both the woman and the man. Its 2 powerful vibrators work in 2 areas at the same time: the clitoris and the G–spot. If you want more information on the We-Vibe visit our detailed review in our “Lazeeva WE.LOVE” section.

Price: $160 or €139 in Europe

we-vibe 4 couple vibrator

We-Vibe 4 – Image source:

I hope we inspired you a bit for some added spice to your love life. No matter if you prefer solo sex, pleasurable hands or the application of playful devices: Make Love!