After Eve and our WE.LOVE team tested several premium love toys over the last couple of weeks, we pulled together a summary of the hottest sex toys recommended to you. Lazeeva’s demanding quality criteria are design, innovation, pleasure potential and of course workmanship. We will constantly update this TOP-list to inform you about new trends and products from the love-toy industry!

 1 Hello Touch

Reviving a relationship couldn’t be any easier! Hello Touch is capable of delivering three times the power of regular fingertip vibrators in just one third the size. It is made with an intention to make your sex life a heavenly experience and not just another boring everyday job. It is more like a supernatural sensation that will be created in the body of your partner only through your fingertips!

Hello Touch 1

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2 Crave Duet Lux

We closely followed the development of Crave and finally got the Crave 16GB DUET LUX. From a technical point of few it is very well manufactured with high-class material including 24 karat gold plating around the body. But what is much more is the beautiful design and the distinct handling. The two fingers of the toy hug the clit additionally stimulating the lips, leading to an all-exciting vibration and an incredible orgasm.

Crave 16GB DUET LUX 3

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3 We Vibe 4

The We Vibe 4 (as the We Vibe 3) is designed to deliver pleasure to her and him. It is placed half inside the vagina and around the clitoris and can be used during sex. It simultaneously stimulates her G-spot and her clitoris while also tenderly vibrating beside his penis during sex. The company claimed that with the new We Vibe 4 they wanted to fix the problems that were just too obvious with its predecessor. It doesn’t slip away anymore but stays in place and additionally the vibration is much stronger.

We-Vibe 4_2

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4 Afterglow

The handling is a bit cumbersome at the beginning since it is bigger than the other products from this list ( Crave DUET LUX, theWeVibe 4 and the Hello Touch from Jimmyjane). The pulsation has a wonderful flow and is perfect for the clit as well as the whole vagina. It perfectly reaches the G-spot and really gave great orgasms to all the WE.LOVE testers. Although we don’t entirely understand how the PulseWave™ light technology stimulates the lips, it gives a great experience. Especially the lips and the clit seem to be swelling more and faster than usually.


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Celebrate summer with pleasure.