From giant sex machine chambers and 3-boobed sex workers to psychic alien sex, these are just some of the hottest science fiction movie sex scenes’ and their realistic alternatives. Looking for something mind-blowing to add to your sex life? Read on! For Part 1 of this article, please click here.


3. Barbarella: �Excessive’ Sex Machine

This late 60’s cult classic, staring a gorgeous and youthful Jane Fonda, is the story of a 41st century intergalactic agent that travels the universe looking to recover some kind of evil, death ray gun that could wipe out humanity and track down it’s creator, a villainous scientist called Durand Durand. (I wonder if 80’s pop band Duran Duran got their name from this movie? Coincidence? I highly doubt it.)

In all honesty, the movie swiftly becomes centred on Barbarella discovering her sexuality through multiple partners during her travels through the Galaxy. A notable scene in the movie is when Barbarella is captured and placed into the Excessive Machine, which is basically a giant sex machine. The heroine is expected to be pleasured to death as all the victims before her were, however it seems that the dastardly Durand Durand underestimated the power of Barbarella’s libido. She, in fact, quite enjoys the sensuous pleasure that the sex machine provides, so much so that it explodes. The design of the �so called’ Excessive Machine is far from sexy: it’s a huge metal box that looks more like a torture chamber / new age sarcophagus (which I guess was the idea and would actually be quite appealing if you’re into bondage or mummification.)

Wind back to the 21st Century, which is the present for us, and there are several types of sex machines available on the market. One of the most well known products of this nature, is of course the Sybian.

The base of the machine is cushioned and saddle shaped with a ridge at the top that allows for the application of different types of attachments for your riding pleasure - get it? I know, too obvious. There’s an assortment of attachments that you can purchase separately that are designed to stimulate different erogenous zones in multiple ways, however this item is mostly used for clitoral and g-spot stimulation; two key ways that women can experience an intense orgasm. There’s also a controller where you can adjust the speed and intensity of the vibrations as well as the rotations. Instead of being stuck inside a metal coffin, you have freedom of movement which includes the possibility of using it during couples play as well as solo play. Interesting…

4. Total Recall: The 3-Boob Sex Worker

Who could forget this jaw-dropping scene from the Arnie classic �Total Recall’. One of the prominent, sexy scenes from this outer space, dystopian nightmare was of course the sex worker with 3 breasts that Arnold Schwarzenegger encounters through the hustle and bustle of life on Mars.

Though actress Lycia Naff has become something of a cult icon for her role in the sci-fi action movie, in Lycia’s mind, it wasn’t the highlight of her career. A few years back, the Daily Mail interviewed Lycia about the role and some of the issues she encountered. Sadly for Lycia, she didn’t have the best experience on set and continues to be asked by the general public about her �third boob’. Crafting the 3 boob chest piece and attaching it with special effects make-up took many hours. However, it allowed set designers to create a bust that looked and felt authentic.

While the �3 boob wonder’ seemed to be a curse for Lycia, it was momentarily a blessing for a Florida based woman (21 years old at the time) who named herself Jasmine Tridevil. Jasmine went viral through social media and ended up being interviewed on TV shows as the �real three-breasted woman’. However, the hoax was soon revealed to the world as Jasmine’s lost luggage report detailed a very specific item i.e. a $5000 �3 breast prosthesis’. Needless to say, the aspiring model and TV personality’s fame was short lived after this revelation. As far as we know, there are no actual 3 breasted women, none that have come to the attention of the world’s press anyhow. The great thing is, if you want to role-play this fantasy you can! With a little homemade cosplay knowhow or having extra funds to spend on prosthetics, you too can pretend to be the 3 boob sex worker for an evening!

5. Cocoon: Psychic Alien Sex

Whether you’re a millennial, Gen Z’er or older, it’s highly likely that you would have seen Cocoon. While the film is more of a sci-fi comedy, the PG movie didn’t shy away from the topic of sex, particularly sex amongst older generations.

Some of the funniest parts of the movie is seeing how the elderly residents of a nursing home discuss sexuality and seek to get back some of the �youthful vigour’ that they had lost. While it’s likely that such talk wouldn’t get you hot under the collar, there’s a specific scene in this movie that probably got your imagination running wild. That would be the one where actor Steve Guttenberg has incredible psychic sex with a beautiful female alien (or at least female in the form it chose). Sexual energy auras depicted in glowing colours, Steve certainly was in for a treat judging by his responses. As a viewer, you soon found yourself thinking �I wonder what that would feel like?’ along with other questions such as �does psychic sex actually exist?’

Unsurprisingly, there are such techniques that have existed for 1000’s of years; the Hindu practise of Tantra. Often linked to the Kamasutra whilst practised in it’s sexual form, the ancient art of Tantric Sex remains as popular in specific circles as ever.

It relates to the union of the spiritual self and sexual self with the divine, as well as each other, connecting through the transference of intense sexual energy and essentially, becoming one. People who engage in Tantra often report feelings of love, euphoria, powerful and divine energies. Also that the couple feel as if they have bonded in new ways and to new levels. You could say, it’s like a sexually charged meditation. If this has piqued your curiosity, there’s tons of information regarding to Tantric practises and exercises online, in books and via a number of practitioners.

Ready to take your love life to the next level? Why not give it a try.

That concludes our list of sci-fi sex scenes and their real world alternatives. Do you have any memorable sex scenes that you’ve wondered whether or not they happen in real life? Let us know in the comments! You never know, we might explore it for a future part three!


Written for Lazeeva by Burn The Night