Solo Sex keeps you in shape and healthy

Don’t be shamed! Solo Sex is nothing else but recreation, pure love and devotion to yourself! A recent German study exhibits that 90% of all men and 86% of all women do-it-themselves quite regularly. Though nobody talks about it, this sexual independence is not just lots of fun but on top it is very healthy. [...]

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We f***** love science!

Wanna be a smart-ass in your next sex-conversation? Then check out this insightful infos and improve your mating chances! Just think of this when checking out potential partners in Tinder: whether you move your finger left or right is a decision your brain makes in not more than ¼  seconds! Or can you imagine [...]

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Next generation of condoms

Female and male condom - image source: As we all know we have many options when it comes to contraception. But when talking about avoiding STIs (sexually transmitted infections) the options are quite limited! The only thing that we can use to prevent STI's is the condom. The condom is not only [...]

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Love Toys

After Eve and our WE.LOVE team tested several premium love toys over the last couple of weeks, we pulled together a summary of the hottest sex toys recommended to you. Lazeeva's demanding quality criteria are design, innovation, pleasure potential and of course workmanship. We will constantly update this TOP-list to inform you about new trends and products from [...]

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Sex and fitness: See how good it is for you

You think workout is always boring and a hustle? Well, you should think about having more sex instead of unpleasant gym visits. Sex is good for women and men in many ways. It strengthens the immune systems, the hart and makes us happy. But that’s not all. Take a look at this infographic and change [...]

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Hot Irina Shayk sprawling in bed

Here’s your 60sec. of erotic pleasure. We want to wish you a happy start into the new week! This time with top-model Irina Shayk. Watch Irina in semi-nude poses and sprawling all over her bed. See what usually only Christiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) is supposed to see and start dreaming. Irina is really a sensual and erotic girl [...]

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Funny sex facts

There are several stories about obscure legislation in various countries that are trying to control the meanings of „immorality“ or “obscenity”. We just wonder who made these laws and why? Have fun with this infographic and feel free to send us funny laws or articles about funny sex stories at [...]

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60 seconds of playful joy

It’s Monday and we know that you somehow need a beautiful sign today. Watch this video, dream and keep on rocking this week. Playful joy and erotic moments shall path the way for you this week! This is how weekend memories of Lazeeva look like (if you can remember). Enjoy 60 seconds of pure and [...]

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