Have you spotted them yet? These people on the street, in shops, in restaurants and at the office, staring at their mobile phones while walking here and there, then suddenly standing still, somehow seeming lost or on the lookout? They are hunting down Drowzee, Zubat and other Pokémon characters to complete their Pokédex, their minds dwelling between the Real World and Virtual Reality.

In less than ten days after its release beginning of July 2016 in Australia, New zealand, Japan, the US and now also Germany and the UK, Nintendo’s game app Pokémon Go has become a hype of spectacular proportion. Tracking firms report the game is topping Twitter’s daily users and instead of spending time on Facebook, people rather throw Great Balls at virtual fantasy creatures. Almost overnight Pokémon Go has become one of the most viral applications of all time. Pretty amazing, right?

Speaking of balls… It is quite fascinating to see how fast the first pornographic Pokémon Go visuals are popping up online. Not only is the game motivating people to leave the comforts of their homes and move their bodies where they would otherwise probably be couch-potatoes, it obviously also triggers quite some erotic fantasies. According to adult video website xHamster Pokémon Go porn is already on top of its search list. Alex Hawkins, spokesman of xHamster, stated a huge shift in adult content searches within just five days: “Our top searches which usually consist of ‘MILF,’ ‘Teen,’ and ‘Interracial’ have been replaced with ‘Pokémon,’ ‘Pikachu,’ ‘Hentai,’ and ‘Anime’. Anime has become our #1 accessed genre over the weekend with the booming popularity of Pokémon Go.” To keep up with the increasing demand, their content licensing team is having emergency negotiations to gain as much anime content for the upcoming week as possible.

Even though in countries such as the UK and the US the consumption of pornography is being labeled as problematic or even a public health issue – although this is not scientifically proven – it is undeniable that people have always had very sassy imaginations and a tendency to #pornofy virtually everything. In the end we all have one track minds – even when it comes to Pokémon. We for sure are curious to see what new mobile VR/AR game apps our lascivious human minds will come up with in the near future!


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