Virtual Reality Technology as it is today already provides us with pretty amazing, almost real experiences, but when it comes to adult VR videos there’s still a sense of detachment. The active performer may come very, very close, which is mind-blowing to say the least. When we look down, though, we do not see our body but the body of the passive performer. This is where the detachment begins and what can take us out of the game.

The way to solve this issue, is to work on more immersion. Immersion means that the user has emotional reactions to the virtual experience because he feels he is truly a part of it. To achieve this only visual arousal is not enough. For a realistic intimate sensation more senses need to be stimulated: smell, touch, taste and hearing.

Earlier this year VR Bangers announced the release of a POV (= Point of View) Head Rig that makes it possible to increase immersion in adult VR films. In the video below you can get a good impression on how it works:

In an interview with Boris Smirnoff of VR Bangers explains the POV Head Rig is the first of its kind. The mannequin head has several stereoscopic cameras to increase the impression of more bodily proximity. Combined with state of the art binaural sound microphones in both ears recording each and every sound - a whisper, a sigh, a moan - the sense of bonding with the performer on an emotional level gets much stronger. The reason this works so well, is because the women can perform better with the mannequin head, which they can actually touch, kiss and talk to, than by playing pretend with a camera or a microphone.

This technical breakthrough by VR Bangers is a big step into a more complete virtual reality experience. VR headsets are constantly being tweaked and the addition of smell, taste and touch in virtual reality is just waiting around the corner. Exciting technological times lie ahead of us!