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Have you ever had a romantic date or an erotic moment at sunset? Did you feel the incredible influence that light has on your senses and your mood? For me the right light in combination with the perfect music is very important! It makes me happy, influences my perception of the world surrounding me and the guy I’m together with. Romance, erotic and love can be boosted through the right impulses. But when I first heard about the “Afterglow” from Afterglow Science I wondered how my vagina would perceive light impulses? But as the Lazeeva team quite cares for me J they sent me a beautiful present with the toy asking me for a test. And what can I say, it was incredible!

The handling was a bit cumbersome at the beginning since I was used to the smaller and more graceful products I tested before. The Crave DUET LUX, the WeVibe 4 and the Hello Touch from Jimmyjane. Nevertheless after some moments I was used to it and had an incredible time! The pulsation had a wonderful flow and was perfect for my clit as well as my vagina. It perfectly reaches my G-spot and really gave me great orgasms. Although I not entirely understand how the PulseWave™ light technology stimulates my lips, my clitoris and my vagina but it is a great experience! Especially the lips and the clit seem to be swelling more and faster than usually. They become incredible sensitive and bring me great sexual pleasure.

As one woman wrote in another review:

This is a “had a hard day at work, need a glass of wine and relax” type of device. It takes you through an enjoyable, gentle, stimulating arousal process resulting in a multifaceted climax. I think you’re onto something!!

One downside compared to the products I mentioned before is that it’s not as easy to clean and designwise not as elaborated and stylish. Nevertheless the Lazeeva team and I recommend it as product WE.LOVE. The experience is great and we want to encourage the makers of the product to keep on following their dream and to make an update soon. The Afterglow is great but we are sure that this is just the beginning to a really beautiful and innovative product line. Nevertheless, it’s a great sex toy.

To give you a more objective review here are the positive points and the points where we expect improvement with the next product update.


  • Innovative new technology
  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Great experience
  • Flexible small rabbit tale


To be improved:

  • Easier to clean
  • Handling
  • Design


PulseWave™ light technology works:

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