Calendar… (Ruslan Lobanov)

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This video is one of our favorites! So we are happy to recommend it as Lazeeva’s Video WE.LOVE!

If you adore beautiful photographs and playful eroticism just like us, you will love this one. This great video from Ruslan Lobanov called “Calendar Chateau 2014” is a true piece of art! It is a collection of animated photographs shot on a monumental cottage. In the center of attention are 12 beauties, playing with their seductive gestures and looks. Glancing at each other full of relish and ready to give in to their desires. Pay attention and catch them even glancing at and playing with you behind your screen…would you give in as well? Playful seduction at its finest!
The video seduces with great scenes, great emotions and seductive glances by beautiful and confident women…an arousing and beautiful piece of erotic art!

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