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When we saw the products of Crave the first time it was absolutely clear to us that there was a team behind it that approached the whole topic of love toys in a different way: From hart and with a deep love for beautiful and classy design. We immediately got the feeling that there is a new kid on the block claiming the leadership in high-class sex toys (love toy would fit better).

We closely followed their development and finally got the Crave 16GB DUET LUX (the one with the golden body). From a technical point of few it is very well manufactured with high-class material including 24 karat gold plating around the body. But what is much more is the beautiful design and the distinct handling. Our close friend Eve S., who also has the Duet Lux told us that in the beginning she was afraid that the two vibrating tips would pinch her clit. But instead it turned out that the two tips (and especially a bit below) would cause an intense feeling she never had experienced before (unfortunately I don’t have a video showing her eyes blinking when she told me about it). The two fingers of the toy hug the clit additionally stimulating the lips, leading to an all-exciting vibration and an incredible orgasm.

To give you a more objective review here are the positive points and the points where we expect improvement with the next product update.


  • Beautiful design High class appearance. A totally new shape that totally distinguishes the product from competitors.
  • Understanding that innovation should be integrated into erotic toys. BUT although a vibrator is a good place to hide secret data we are waiting for more innovation to come from Crave Inc.
  • Very quiet

To be improved:

  • Cap closure that is appears more waterproof
  • Something more innovative than a USB storage

Feature summary:

  • Rechargeable, multispeed vibrator. DUET’s USB connector plugs straight into any standard USB port
  • Holds 16GB of data storage.
  • With dual motors and a V-shaped angle. The dual motors’ unique ‘split at the tip’ combines with the four vibration patterns
  • Silent, discreet motors
  • Four intensity levels to enable a variety of sensations for you to explore.
  • Compatible with everything from computers to phone chargers
  • Durable, phthalate free and body safe silicone tips
  • Nickel-free electroplated gold metal base.
  • Completely waterproof when the USB connector is fully assembled

The pictures and videos are from lovecrave.com

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