PlugRush and Lazeeva Announce Strategic Partnership


PlugRush, a global traffic network leader, and Lazeeva, the soon-to-be launched adult app store, are pleased to announce their close collaboration and strategic partnership for the remainder of 2016.

“Our team has run numerous traffic-tests with Lazeeva’s concept and we see great potential, which we now plan to monitor very closely,” states PlugRush CEO Jørgen Bogetveit. “We see a big shift in the market where mobile traffic will move from browser surfing to app-surfing across all digital categories, and we plan to be at the forefront when this is fully realized. Lazeeva has the right mindset and product for this, so the timing has never been better to move forward with them with this partnership.”

Thanks to the network’s strong foothold in the adult online world, PlugRush aims to support Lazeeva’s launch with first-hand expertise in online marketing and adult traffic in particular. Lazeeva will, in turn, provide PlugRush with insight into native mobile user behavior as well as brand-driven business growth, in addition to performance-driven traffic models.


“We are very excited to have PlugRush as our strategic partner,” adds Tilmann Petersen, Lazeeva’s CEO. “Lazeeva’s publishers will enjoy greater opportunities in user-targeting, traffic quality and thus sales conversions as a result.”


Lazeeva’s App Store for Adults is slated to first launch in Germany by June 2016.