From neurologically roleplaying as a hot, blue alien to VR sex before VR was even a thing, these are just some of the hottest science fiction sex scenes turned into a more accessible reality with the help technology.


1. Avatar: Na’vi Roleplay Sex Scene

The aforementioned hot, blue alien features heavily in James Cameroon’s magical epic, Avatar. The film centres around an utopian paradise in space inhabited by highly attuned and evolved aliens and the consequences of destructive and (sadly) very human interference. While it’s impressive, state of the art visuals captured entire audiences, there’s a particular scene that more adult members of the public will remember with mild, voyeuristic satisfaction.

This would be the scene when the female lead Neytiri, played by actress Zoe Saldana finally ‘seals the deal’ with her love interest Jake Sully, played by actor Sam Worthington. What’s particularly notable about this scene is that Jake is actually a human being using an ‘avatar’ (hence the title) to interact with the Na’vi as if he were one of their own. It’s like being neurologically wired to a living, alien body and being able to interact with it like it was your own. Impressive right? So you’re probably wondering why this made the list, is it because scientists have gone beyond creating clones and chimeras and have actually made alien bodies?! Sorry to burst your bubble, but no.

The closest thing we got to this right now is robotic sex dolls and even those are long way off from being ‘connectable’ to AI via human intelligences. Either that or VR porn (see number 2 on this list). What is impressive about the sex dolls being created to fulfil certain needs, is how realistic they are becoming in their appearance.

Even some of the cheaper models from Chinese manufactures, the dolls are a far cry from the embarrassing, cheap inflatables featured in stag night activities and the typical ‘dude, I got so drunk the night before’ movie scenes. They are made from silicone or similarly soft yet firm materials that provide a suppleness to the doll’s assets. They also showcase attention to detail when it comes to facial features, hair, eye colours, make up, clothing and accessories. Now that companies such as RealDoll are testing out AI capabilities in their products, some dolls will be able to interact with customers like a companion rather than be the vacant sexual partner that most dolls currently are. Crazy!

2. Demolition Man: Futuristic VR Sex Scene

As yes, the good old Sly Stallone back in his hay-day. Sylvester Stallone was an action super star back in those days, so of course, in order to rope him into a sci-fi movie it had to be an action sci-fi flick. In the movie, Stallone finds himself cryogenically frozen until 36 years later when the cops decide that his face-crushing skills could come into use. Lo and behold, he ends up conveniently partnered with the hottest cop on the force, played by another 90’s favourite Sandra Bullock. Bullock and Stallone soon end up hooking up and all the viewers couldn’t wait to see them get it on, neither could Stallone’s character John Spartan. Thinking he was about to experience Lenina Huxley aka Sandra Bullock’s bare flesh, you could forgive his surprise, shortly followed by disappointment, when she hands him a virtual reality helmet. Of course, Spartan was use to the real deal in his former life - needless to say, the encounter didn’t quite go to plan.

While experimenting with the tech, Spartan seemingly starts to experience sensations and sees flashes of Lenina bare skinned and having sex with him. While it was pretty tame in it’s depiction, it sent the minds of the viewers racing. Before you knew it you were thinking ‘Is she riding him?’, ’What does her body look like?’ and ‘What is she seeing from her side?’ Oh, how the mind just loves to also be stimulated…

This was a 1993 film release. Fast forward to 2017 and you’ll see just how virtual reality sex has very much become a part of our reality. While it’s safe to say that most households don’t contain VR gear yet, there are many that do. Of course, if you happen to be a porn connoisseur and have a VR headset, you’re very likely to access VR porn. There are a number of adult film production companies that have ventured into virtual reality, as well as companies who shoot VR content exclusively. CAM4VR is one of the companies who have taken the dive into VR adult content.

Users can experience a 360 degree view of the environment that the content was captured in. Essentially, you are watching the adult model give a sexy performance that looks as though it’s happening in the very same room as you. In the instances of sex between two or more performers, it is filmed from the perspective of one of the performer’s so that you feel like you are actually apart of the interaction. Cool right? The fact is virtual reality technology is still being developed and improved upon so that the experience can be as interactive and engaging as possible while remaining comfortable. This is where augmented reality is also being tested. You never know, one day you might come across a cosplaying VR cam model who happens to also like Demolition Man. They might even role-play as Lenina Huxley for you if have cash for tokens! You can download the CAM4VR app in Lazeeva’s App Store for your own experience.

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Written for Lazeeva by Burn The Night