Most of us are more than aware of how fast the Sex Tech industry is growing thanks to innovation and the sex-positive revolution taking place globally. While many of the products are catered to female consumers, there are a number of high end toys that are made specifically for men: masturbators. In our previous article outlining the best app controlled sex toys, we had listed two products that were made for male consumers. We knew there were a number more that deserved an honourable mention and so, we have selected 3 of the best sex toys for men.



Fleshlight: Classic

The product, alongside the brand itself, has become a world leader and a household name in the world of sex tech. Fleshlight are the pioneers of high quality male masturbators, founded in the US and distributed globally.

The classic Fleshlight features a vaginal mould made from Cyberskin that is encased in a flashlight designed tube, hence the name! Since becoming the ‘go to’ sex toy for men, Fleshlight have expanded upon their range of products. For example, the Fleshlight Launch provides automated stimulation through it’s connectivity to adult content such as virtual reality clips, adult games and webcam shows. You simply set up the controls on the launch and allow the case to do the rest. There’s also a range of sleeve designs with different textures carved inside and different orifices on the outside to choose from. If you’re feeling particularly kinky and are looking for something special for Halloween, take a look at their ‘Freaks’ range. All designed with monsters in mind, such as the Alien and Predator editions. Creepy!

It may also be worth mentioning another highly noted aspect of the company… the Fleshlight Girls! Flashlight regularly contracts some of the biggest female pornstars to have vaginal moulds made in the likeness of their own! (Only on the outside). If you have always dreamed of having sex with Lisa Ann or Kayden Kross, their Fleshlight and adult movies are the closest you’re likely to get to the real deal. And if you are scared of the cleaning process, have no fear and just watch this great how-to video:

Wanna learn more? Visit their website and explore their full range for yourself.


Hot Octopuss: Pulse III

These guys know how to bring the aesthetics of London City to the Sex Tech world. It’s urban, stylish and commercial branding separates Hot Octopuss from many of it’s competitors. The attention to detail in regards to it’s design and functionality truly paves the way for male sex products. The dynamic duo, founders Jules and Adam, have employed the traditional aesthetics of the ‘British Gentleman’ with the hugely popular hipster grit of London towns such as Camden and Shoreditch along with the art of tattoo. This without doubt, will appeal to alternative audiences and particularly, the millennial crowd.

The PULSE III product is different to other male sex toys: as opposed to being a stroker, the “world’s first Guybrator” oscillates for stimulation. If you opt for the PULSE III Duo version, the product has a vibrating mechanism at the base of the toy to provide stimulation for a female partner. The product has controls on the front that the male can use to control his stimulation while the female can control hers via the remote control. It’s a great toy to introduce into your foreplay sessions! It is also said that the PULSE III is a great aid for those who have erectile difficulties as it can be used and provide a powerful orgasm while flaccid.

You can read more about the PULSE III here.


Tenga: Flip Hole

Now this is a product unlike any other stroker! It’s exactly the type of innovation we are accustomed to seeing from the Japanese hi-end sex tech manufacturers Tenga. The Flip Hole is an elaborate, high end stroker that flips open so that lube can easily be applied and the product cleaned and dried, ready for it’s next use. What makes the simple-to-use sex toy so elaborate is it’s multi-faceted interior design. It has 7 distinct shapes and textures that provide a different stimulation during it’s use. As you insert and push further into the product, you will experience different intensities and stimulations. Also, it has 3 buttons on the front; which one you press will determine where tension and grip is created around the penis. It will grip on the corresponding part of the product i.e front, middle or end. It you’re looking for a manual product that is easy to clean and provides intense, varied sensations, this has to be the ultimate choice!

Discover more about Tenga’s latest innovative products.


While we love the concept of these 3 products and have witnessed how popular they have become, we are always on the look out for new technologies. For those of you who are seeking new sex toys and accessories, it’s worth spending a little time browsing and reading descriptions to see which products best suit your needs. As always, we will bring you the latest on the newest, most exciting and innovative products as we come across them.

Discovered a new sex toy worth mentioning? Let us know your favourites or curiosities in the comments box!

Written for Lazeeva by Burn The Night