SexFit: Fitness tracking for sex

Are you into self improvement and fitness tracking? How big of an attitude do you have to continuously work on yourself and thus improve every detail possible? Do you already use a fitness tracker like FitBit, Garmin or Jawbone?


No matter how hard you try to track everything possible about your body, performance and fitness, there is still one blind spot: SEX!

In the past we already talked about the extremely positive effects of sex. Not only from a mental point of view. There are many effects on your physical well-being either. Sex trains your heart, stamina and ultimately the whole body. Taking this into account, the product we want to show you now is not as ridiculous as you might think at first glance: SexFit: Fitness tracking for sex!

The product from Bondara is a sexual fitness tracker for couples. It is basically a vibrating cock-ring with several extra features.  Connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone app, it continuously uploads movement data tracked by the ring. So you can for example track the exact amount of calories burned plus optimize your ‘sex rhythm’ with your partner.


With the app it is also possible to choose a pacing mode for rhythmic vibrations. We and especially our female team members are very curious if the producers manage to add playful pleasure for the women as well instead of making it a device for men to challenge each other regardless of the female pleasure.

Bondara claims that the product should be available to public by the end of 2014. We promise to keep you posted on this product and to instantly publish a product review as soon as we get our hands and cocks on it.

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Posted on 12. August 2014 in News

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