When an Amazonian Goddess meets Superman with a couples vibe at the ready, a night full of debauchery is bound to ensue! For several decades now, some of the most vivid of encounters involved role-play and / or sex tech for many…literally sexual fantasies coming true. So what new treats could be in store for both adventurous couples and horny singletons?


With the launch of various VR enabled devices and headsets, the adult world has found a means to make their content even more immersive. With the launch of new productions such as VRCosplayX, viewers can act as if they are having virtual sex with their favourite characters, or rather their favourite pornstars cosplaying their favourite characters! The cosplay and otaku subculture is more popular than ever; performers and models who dress up as their favourite characters from blockbuster movies, anime series and movies, manga, comics and video games amass a huge following on their social media accounts, particularly female models and performers. Combining hot women that ready to get down and dirty on cam with cosplay is bound to get any fan more than hot under the collar. This is a brand new way in which viewers can play out their fantasies while utilising VR technology for an added sense of ‘realism’.

There are even sex toys such as the products from Lovense that will sync the action taking place in the VR video to the movements of the sex toy. There are products for both men and women that connect to the Virtual Real Porn app via bluetooth. So technically, you and your partner could get off together to the same VR content! Or you can just go solo with your VR porn viewing. This is a clear example of just how much, I mean far the sex tech industry has come already! (No pun intended, well… maybe it was.)

Companies such as Imagine VR have created physical sex dolls that sync with the VR action on your device. So while you are watching yourself grabbing on to a hot, fantasy partner and having the time of your life, you will physically be touching an object designed to mimic that encounter.

Not only this, but sites such as CAM4VR brings a whole new dimension of interaction to the mix. Customers enjoy live VR video chat with the cam model of their choosing. Some cam models enjoy role-play or cosplaying specific characters and incorporate them into their cam show. Whilst in a webcam session, it’ll appear as if you are interacting in the same environment, whilst having a real encounter virtually!

So what about direct couples play? There are several options when it comes to incorporating a couple’s fantasies in to their sex life. The classic is of course, old fashioned role-play whereby couples dress and act like a specific character or adopt a persona during foreplay and intercourse. No doubt we are all aware of the cliche themes such as the naughty nurse and willing patient, the not-so-professional masseuse or the pervy plumber, but when it comes to sexual fantasies, it’s YOUR fantasy. Meaning, you can be as creative with the context and characters as you wish. While it is advisable to discuss your fantasies with your partner prior to enacting them, you may sometimes want to surprise them with something you just know they are going to love based upon their turn ons and general interests. Does your partner love a person in uniform? Why not purchase a fancy dress uniform and surprise them in the bedroom.

What if it’s particularly kinky or somewhat controversial / taboo? Again, being honest and open with your partner is the best policy. Discuss it with them and if it’s something too extreme for them to consider than maybe consider other alternatives that are tamer or more in line with both of your interests. If it’s particularly extreme than many psychologists would say its better to discuss that with a professional than to try and actually act them out as it could be emotionally and / or physically harmful for your partner and potentially also for yourself. BDSM has become a highlighted and debated subject when it comes to sexual pleasure. If you or your partner are exploring these concepts for the first time, it’s best to start tame but regardless of experience, always respect and know your partner’s limitations as well as thoroughly research and be aware of the safe practises when it comes to specific acts. If your fantasy and exploration involves having sex with other people, always be fully aware of how you both feel about it and set clear guidelines or boundaries to minimise the chance of upsetting your significant other. Also, make sure you discuss it afterwards so know how you would like to go about this, should you decide to do it again or something similar in the future. After all, sexual encounters are supposed to be fun and pleasurable for both parties so you need to be aware of each other’s thoughts and feelings.


Written for Lazeeva by Burn The Night