Did you know that during the holiday season the Google search for adult videos spikes through the roof? Even though Pornhub states quite a drop of porn watching behaviour during the holidays in general in 2016, Google Trend showed a significant interest in all things VR around Christmas time. The search term ‘best VR apps’ went up with an impressive 140%. We suspect Santa may have had a little something to do with it; many of us found a VR headset waiting under the Christmas tree, which - needless to say - had to be tried out immediately. If it was only on games… well, we are not to sure of 😉

But yes, Pornhub’s eagerly awaited overview for the year 2016 has gone viral. We have gone through all the data for you and made a roundup of the most interesting facts and adult statistics 2016:

In all, we watched 91,980,225,000 adult videos in 2016. That is 4,599,000,000 hours or about 5,2 centuries of continuous porn watching. Most of Pornhub’s traffic came from:

  1. USA 
  2. UK
  3. Canada

One of the topics that particularly interests us, is of course adult Virtual Reality. According to Pornhub VR and virtual reality as gaining search increased dramatically:

  1. Canada: 855%  (USA: 385%)
  2. France: 772%
  3. Germany: 622% 

In only 9 months there have been 38 million searches for adult VR content!

At the moment VR porn seems to be most popular with men in the age group 25 to 34: 156% of men are more likely to watch sassy VR videos compared to women. Our explanation is that there is not enough erotic VR content for women to enjoy just yet. If the adult industry gives female POV (Point Of View) VR - and female porn interests in general - a big push, it might very well be that women will catch up. Who knows, the ladies might even overtake men in the world of VR and sex tech…


Speaking of women: the average proportion of female visitors worldwide increased to 26%, which is 2% more compared to 2015.

This is the top 5 of proportion of female porn consumers:

  1. Philippines 35% 
  2. Brazil: 35%
  3. South Africa: 33%
  4. India: 30%
  5. Schweden: 30%

Now what we all want to know, is what type of sexy videos women are looking at, right?

Search terms:

  1. lesbian
  2. lesbians scissoring
  3. threesome 


  1. lesbian
  2. big dick
  3. threesome

Universally viewed more often by women than men:

  1. pussy licking: 369%
  2. female friendly: 218%
  3. lesbian: 168% 

Also interesting is that 37% of gay male porn content is being watched by women over 45. As a category gay male porn is the second most viewed category by women between 18 and 44.

According to the data provided by XHamster feminist porn ist most popular in the following countries:

  1. China: 34,5%
  2. Argentina: 32,5%
  3. Mexico: 31,3%
  4. Russia: 27,7%
  5. Thailand: 27,4%
  6. Germany: 23,5% 

On a side note: women watch more adult videos once they’ve gotten married… What does that say?


Last but not least we focussed our research on adult entertainment on the go, aka traffic by phone compared to desktop and tablet.

With 61% adult mobile traffic is rising more than convincingly. We are talking about a 9% increase compared to 2015, whereas desktop and tablet traffic show a decrease of 8% and 1%. With 50% Android has the largest traffic share, closely followed by iOS with 47%.

Pornography-wise 2016 has been an fascinating year. No matter what censorship ‘solutions’ politicians in countries such as the UK or the USA have come up with, people continue to watch adult videos. The number of female porn consumers is growing steadily, the interest in adult VR booms exponentially and as Lazeeva has been predicting, the mobile phone as our preferred device to enjoy erotica whenever and wherever we want, has surpassed all other devices.

The year 2017 has only just begun. What an exciting year it will be looking at these adult statistics 2016!

Pornhub statistics 2016
XHamster 2016: the year in porn