SexTech has become a vibrant industry all of its own. Adult product manufacturers are constantly having to come up with innovative and visually appealing sex products in order to keep up with the competition. Pioneering brands that are putting sexuality and consumers first will cement the future of luxury sex toys such as Teledildonics or Sex Robots.


Sex Robots

Some of the gadgets that have been appearing in mainstream media look like they belong in ‘Blade Runner’. The future is here and 2017 may very well be the year of the replicas. Currently we are witnessing a race to create the world’s first fully operational AI sex robot. RealDoll creator Matt McMullen believes that his company, Abyss Creations, is the first to achieve it with their high end sex doll ‘Harmony‘. RealDoll products are already in high demand, and his passion for ultra-realism spurs the company forward in their quest to deliver a full and complete package. The idea behind the advanced sex robot is to create a human-like doll that can not only be used for sexual activities, but also function as companion for those looking for more ‘humanistic’ interactions via verbal exchanges. Their first AI sex doll prototype ‘Harmony’ is controlled via the branded app, Realbotix and can verbally communicate as well as move her head, neck and change facial expressions. It’s far from a complete and perfect sex doll but it is one of the first to be controlled via an app and that is supposedly able to learn and memorise key facts about the owner.


 For those who prefer actual human interactions, there has been a surge in live cam popularity. While this technology has been available for some years, it’s streaming capabilities and quality has improved massively. This helps to improve connectivity so sessions aren’t lost or interrupted, allowing the customer to feel more ‘in the moment’ with the webcam model.

Plus, with the introduction of cyberteledildonics, i.e. remote controlled sex toys that are operated within a mobile app, this adds a whole new level of ‘physical’ connection even from great distances. Devices such as Realov‘s LoveToy and KiirOo‘s male and female sex toys are connected via bluetooth to the branded app and can be controlled by another individual via this app once they have been given the access code by the model. Through this, they will have the means to adjust the settings so they can make the vibrations more or less intense, change the pulse frequency etc. This has become a very effective tool for cam models who are establishing themselves and are looking to create a more personalised service for site users.

Webcam portals like Ela Darling’s CAM4VR are using already Teledildonics in their CAM4VR-App, which allows the user to translate what he sees in virtual reality into an actual feeling. In fact he has remote sex with the live cam performer.

It’s not just cam models that are using this technology, couples in long-distance relationships are also turning to cyberteledildonics as a means of creating sexual intimacy and connection during the times where they cannot be physically close. Another great feature on a number of these apps is the video chat option. Not only can you control your partners sex toy but you can also see and hear the effects it has on them. If that doesn’t send your voyeuristic senses into overdrive, nothing will!

Multi-purpose Sex Toys

Who would have thought that a sex toy could also double up as fitness tool? The successfully crowdfunded MISS ON THE GO is a kegal vibrator. Its design helps to tighten and work the pelvic muscles whilst also giving you a pleasurable experience that you or a designated individual can control via the app. Not only that, it has a social network where like-minded women and men can chat via the MOTG app to discuss their most intimate of fantasies. Multi-purpose cyberteledildonics are bound to grow in popularity as the industry evolves and flourishes. Modern day living requires aides that are able to provide more than one function… after all, days seem to just fly by at times!

 When it comes to male orientated products, Tenga decided to merge contemporary design with practical use and technical innovation to create 3D printed male masturbator tubes called the Tenga 3D series. You have the option of five different structures that double as both a sculpture and a sex toy. The fine details in the material creates a different sensation when used; which will depend on the specific product you choose. The fact that it’s also made from an antibacterial material that can be easily cleaned and reused is rather handy – pun intended.

We’ve also come across the world’s first Gender-Neutral sex toy. Picobong have created a double ended vibrator that can be used as a clitoral massager, rabbit vibrator, prostate massager, cock ring and G-Spot stimulator. Apparently, that’s not even all of it’s uses! It’s truly quite an impressive feat to combine so many options into a single product and thus widely expanding their potential customer base. As you can see from this example, as sexuality evolves so do the products that manufacturers create.

As purveyors in SexTech, we always watching with a keen eye as exciting, new products are brought into the market. As our understanding of pleasure and our technical abilities progress, the potential for ground breaking products could become limitless (within reason of course). We are very much looking forward to what the future will bring, as AI technology moves into the mainstream, along with VR, and products become more sophisticated and intuitive.


Written for Lazeeva by Burn the Night.