having or promoting an open, tolerant, or progressive attitude towards sex and sexuality

At Lazeeva, we acknowledge the importance of intercourse, and are always exploring new ways to encourage openness towards healthy, safe and consensual sex. We wanted to look into how sex is viewed differently around the world, which cities have made progress towards sexual openness, and which would benefit from further liberation in future.

To try and quantify exactly how sexual a city is, a multitude of factors and a huge amount of data is needed from millions of people. Because of the resistance to the topic, this process was especially difficult in certain locations. We began by researching ten factors over 200 cities from around the world, before creating a final list of 100 where the full data was available. These factors included the libido of citizens in a city and their porn consumption, but also the adult entertainment and swingers culture on offer in the location itself.

We also believe that to be truly sexually liberated, a city needs to have good access to modern contraception, a positive attitude to the LGBT community and equal rights for everyone. To recognise this, cities were also given a score for these factors. Once we’d researched the ten factors and calculated the ranking, we added on something fun to end with: what term was most searched for on porn sites in each city.

Paris came first (excuse the pun) in ranking of the most sexual cities, followed by Rio de Janeiro and London. Paris scored exceptionally well for its swinger culture and adult entertainment, whereas Rio de Janeiro outperformed all the other cities in the sexually experimental and sexually active categories. London ranked as the best city for LGBT friendliness worldwide.

Five of the top ten cities for porn consumption were from North America, with the porn production capital Los Angeles unsurprisingly taking first place. Berlin topped the swingers category and also came second for adult entertainment, narrowly beaten by Las Vegas. Antwerp and Brussels scored first and third respectively for sexual satisfaction, followed by three Dutch cities. Clearly they’re doing something right in the Benelux region.





We understand that all of the categories in this study are very different. However, in order to standardize our results and create a comprehensive score, all of the different factors have been ranked between 0 and 10. This score is obtained directly from the raw data and implementing a normalization of the form:

In order to find out how sexually active, experimental and satisfied citizens of each city were, a survey involving more than 450,000 adults age 18 to 70 was conducted. The survey also informed us about sex toy ownership. We then combined this data with information from reports produced by departments of health in each country, the UN-WHO and the World Bank, all regarding sexual health.
Swingers clubs and group listings from each city were used to calculate the Swingers Score. For adult entertainment listings we entered the total number of regular night clubs as well as all licenced adult entertainment establishments and divided it by the population of the city in order to calculate the Adult Entertainment rank.

Lazeeva used their own anonymous data as well as data provided by some of their partners in order to rank porn consumption in the 100 cities. The data used to calculate the most LGBT friendly city was provided by a number of LGBT-related charities and organisations. The Access to Contraception rank and the Gender Equality rank were calculated using studies conducted by the UN. These rankings do not distinguish between cities within the same country but instead give cities from the same country the same score (e.g. Berlin and Leipzig both score 8 out of a possible 10 in the Gender Equality ranking).


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