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Even though we all tend to think we are pretty open and cleared up about it, society still has many double standards that make us feel weird or even ashamed of certain sexual activities or sexual interests we really shouldn’t have any sleepless nights over. One of them is sex toys for men.

Nowadays one can open any female mainstream magazine and find an article on the newest, mind-blowing vibrator or app controlled Kegel exercise toy on the market. Women are being encouraged to masturbate and use toys to discover how their bodies tick. They discuss their favourite pleasure givers with each other, visit sex shops together and throw sex toy parties for the bride-to-be. Hardly any man would feel weird about his sex partner opening her bedroom drawer and adding a plug or vibrator to the game. In fact, he’d love it, right?

When we turn the tables, though, we find it’s far from the same for men. Masturbators, penis sleeves and rings, vibrators for men, anal plugs, oh dear… Especially heterosexual men don’t use (read: don’t ‘need’) such toys. If they do, they are labelled ‘weird’, have a problem, probably can’t get a woman or must be gay. Magazines for men don’t explain how they can change their masturbation routine, take more time to fully enjoy it, have some variety by experimenting with toys or use a plug to massage their prostate and intensify their orgasms. Straight men don’t discuss masturbators over a beer, let alone go sex toy shopping together or attend a sex toy party. They either have sex with a woman or they use the hand, quickly and silently.

Surprisingly enough the other sex doesn’t always show much understanding either. Women often argue that the way certain toys for men look, is demeaning to them: for example masturbators with vulva, mouth or anus sleeves reduce women to a masturbation hole. But then vibrators and dildos are also penis-shaped, or? It only makes sense that both women and men want to play with toys that resemble certain body parts that look sexy to them.

When it comes to sex toys, there is absolutely no need for any gender to feel degraded. They are what they are: just toys for adults. They bring us pleasure when we are alone. They add fun and excitement when we play with them together. They can intensify orgasms. They can help women to come easier and men to last longer. In short, sex toys are fun and great tools for learning how to postpone climaxing and trying out different ways of stimulation – for both sexes!

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