Sex and tech! Are you thinking about difficult Kamasutra positions right now? This time it’s not about your personal techniques to please your partner but about virtual reality sex adding even more pleasure to your sex life. No doubt you may have already heard about the booming industries of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Probably you have also already read or heard about this technology’s impact on porn and the entire adult industry. And what you hear is true: Virtual Reality Porn, Sex and Live-cam Apps are an incredible experience that go far beyond your initial expectations. But as always with new innovations, there is a large variety of different brands, devices and solutions that you can use. In order to give you some overview and guidance, we present you the best VR- and AR-devicess to use for adult apps on your Android phone.


It does not need more than a little bit of fantasy to imagine what possibilities this technology opens up and provides when applied to erotic content.  In fact, it lets you experience your sexual fantasies for real! Imagine yourself in the middle of a beautiful love-making scene with the hottest chicks imaginable (or studs of course), placing them virtually onto every place on earth or throughout the whole universe. When using it for the first time it feels like a first step on to the Holodeck, which we all know from Star Trek. The realistic experience is mind blowing (and beyond)! Imagine turning your head to capture the whole scenery and realistically experiencing your 360° environment in real-life 3D. Picture yourself ducking down or bending over any virtual partner/object to discover what’s behind and under it. E.g. imagine the experience of your favorite pornstar’s complete body from all angles…just as you ever dreamed of. Now enjoy our list of the best devices to do so.

Google Cardboard

Google described it’s headset as a means to “experience virtual reality in a fun, simple and affordable way”, the Google Cardboard headset makes VR viewing widely accessible to those who may not have the means or the desire to spend €100s on a VR headset. You simply connect it with your smartphone to be able to view VR content. There are in fact, several cardboard headsets available on the market, Google’s own branded product costs only €13.30 and a wide number of VR apps (both adult and non-adult) are compatible with the headset. Many adult VR companies are providing users with their own versions of Cardboard, as it’s a cheap, effective and easy to create. That’s the most simple device you can use adult VR-apps from Lazeeva App Store with.

Google Daydream

The global giant has just released ‘Daydream’; It is essentially a more comfortable, professional and premium version of a Google Cardboard and simply lets you enjoy VR and AR content via your smartphone. The Daydream View headset is stylish, clean and simple. It comes with a remote control that features two distinct buttons. The viewing section of the headset is made from a soft, breathable fabric, is lightweight and can be used with prescription glasses. The idea is to create a certain level of comfort while being used. The headset is available in 3 different colours: slate (dark grey), snow (light grey) and crimson (red) that can be handwashed. Headsets start from €61.22 to €72.86 at retail price. Daydream-ready smartphones are already available such as Google’s Pixel, Motorola’s Moto Z, Huawei’s Mate 9 Pro and ZTE’s Axon 7. According to the Google VR site, the Galaxy S8, S8+ and ASUS ZenFone AR are Daydream-ready in the near future.

 Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is actually a virtual reality headset with a high resolution (960 x 1080 per eye), making you experience a quite realistic view. It creates a stereoscopic 3D view with high depth. Unlike 3D on a television or in a movie, this is achieved by presenting unique and parallel images for each eye. This is the same way your eyes perceive images in the real world, creating a much more natural and comfortable experience.

Playstation VR

Sony’s prized gaming console has it’s very own VR format capabilities, along with it’s very own branded headset. It provides PS4 users the ability to experience VR gaming without necessarily spending a vast amount of money as you would on a VR PC gaming set up, while still being able to experience quality VR gaming. The Playstation VR headset is futuristic in design and is described to be “balanced, comfortable and completely adjustable… to feel like it’s not there - keeping you free from distraction as you as explore new gaming worlds”. Along with the console, you will need to purchase the VR headset and processor unit. There are currently 28 gaming titles available, some of which are about to be released such as Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission and Batman Arkham VR. Retail pricing for the headset alone is €355, for the PS4 VR bundle it’s priced at €443.82. It’s still much more expensive than the various smartphone options. Ultimately, it’s designed for those who have a vested interest in their PS4 console and VR gaming.

Naturally, after so much media mention of how Sony was against the idea of having an open source platform as it would allow VR porn to be made and accessed via their console, we just had to look into the status of this. Initially, it wasn’t accessible due to the media player’s limited viewing capabilities. However, due to an update back in March of this year, users are now able to view full 3D 360 degree videos. This means that VR adult content can be accessed in stereoscopic 3D format. Via the console’s internet browser, users are able to access their favourite adult sites offering 360 degree content and stream it directly from there or should they prefer to download the content, can do so providing it is an option. Sure, there are few steps you may need to take depending on the content provider and the pre-formatting of the VR videos, but several companies have already simplified these steps in online guides and tutorials in order to make the process more user-friendly.

Microsoft HoloLens

As we know, Microsoft took a different route from it’s competitors by investing in Mixed Reality technology, otherwise known as AR or Augmented Reality. What the technology does is mix real environmental elements with fantasy ones that are superimposed into a given environment. Essentially, blending reality with fiction. From the enormous popularity of the Pokemon Go fad and social apps such as SnapChat, developers and investors alike have witnessed that the augmented reality approach also shows promise. HoloLens itself promotes open source development and is specifically targeted to developers and digital media organisations to build AR apps for the HoloLens. As you can imagine, it comes with a hefty price tag. The HoloLens headset is over €2660 for individual developers and €4436 for organisations.

When it comes to AR adult content, it’s still in it’s infancy, even more so than VR tech. Why is this the case? Simply, because it’s more complicated in some aspects than VR and the technology just isn’t as widely available when it comes to development tools and available headsets. Companies such as HoloFilm are already experimenting with holograms of adult performers and webcam models. However, being able to interact with a performer or model via devices with full AR capabilities is a little way off yet but it’s likely to be only a matter of time as new technologies are developed and are made more accessible to the mass market. Another exciting application case is for real-world dating or “sexting”.

What is happening next?

In fact, the adult industry has reacted amazingly to VR- and future AR technologies. Not only by creating a lot of copntent, but also by extending the user experience through interactive sex toys that you can connect via mobile app (Bluetooth) with your VR-porn or live-cam app and thus turn your visual into a physical experience.  Further, there are several companies and production houses, which put a lot of effort into getting ahead of the game and in creating a great user experience.  Prominent examples are experiential virtual reality games like Chathouse3d from Thrixx or a range of XXX experiential videos. But you can also enjoy some 1:1 animated VR-experience like dating your Anime-girlfriend in VR as you can do in our Miki Kiss VR app.

Simulation sickness

If you are afraid of feeling sick by using a VR-device for watching porn or when playing erotic games, we can ease your fears. This occurrence can only happen when playing fast-moving ego-shooters or similar games. At this stage, we can say that all we have seen, the technology is already as matured as that is runs quite seamlessly for a pleasant experience.