Some say the hype around Virtual Reality is dying down. 3D did not make it into our households, so why should VR? Still, we believe this particularly exciting piece of technology won’t be letting us go that easily.

We attended a workshop on the topic of VR and how it will revolutionise the business of adult entertainment at the XBIZ Berlin event, led by RubyVR’s Michael Donohue, Terpon’s Jean-Claude Artonne, AliceX’s Fabian Frey and HoloFilm Productions’ Anna Lee. When the comparison with the failing success of 3D was made, the reply by the panel was convincing. If there are no 3D channels on TV, people need to get the DVD’s. That’s a hustle – and who buys DVD’s nowadays anyway. Virtual Reality content on the hand will be easily available and the quality will improve.

Hardware-wise it is simple. As soon as gamers gets their hands on it, VR will boom. The cheap cardboard box for the mobile phone, the expensive Oculus or the device that in price ranges in the middle and is still of good quality, it will be affordable for every one. Also, gamers are one of the biggest consumer groups of online pornography, so it is probably quite safe to say their interest in VR won’t stay with first-person-shooter or racing games.

Lazeeva VR Headset

With the upcoming technology the motion sickness people feel while watching VR in this stage will disappear. Producers of VR content will have a better notion on what our minds can handle, leading the story and helping us to focus on scenes in stead of a full and way too overwhelming 360° experience. The headset will get tweaked. Virtual Reality will become more immersive and complete, thrilling all our five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The future of entertainment for our generation and the ones after us is just around the corner. Lazeeva eagerly awaits!

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