Men’s first interest regarding Virtual Reality is probably gaming, for they are boys and boys like to play, right? But once the gaming community has the hardware, watching VR pornography will be without a doubt the very next thing they’ll do. No wonder the discussions about VR adult entertainment so far seem to be very male-oriented. The truth, though, is that women are just as eager to see sexy VR videos, if not even more so. This should come as no surprise; women are curious creatures by nature and - if properly stimulated of course - quite keen on trying out new things.

Producer and actress Candida Royale (1950-2015)

Pornhub’s statistics of 2016 revealed more than a quarter of its users being female, a number that is rapidly rising we may add. We also know women devour adult Tumblrs and literotica. Apart from consuming erotica, they have been claiming their place in the adult industry itself - behind the camera that is - creating pornography that fits the female perception of what is sexy to watch. Candida Royalle founded Femme Productions in the early eighties and was among the first female producers - if not a pioneer - to make pornography based on female desires. In her movies sexual activity is being depicted in a broader, emotional and social sense, more focussed on the couple’s interaction and not the typical goal-oriented and quite boring cum-shot at the end.

Now, thirty years later, there are many female pornographers out there creating great content, each with their very own signature and style. Filmmaker Maria Beatty of Bleu Productions for instance is known for her BDSM and fetishism themed films. Petra Joy, a well-known german pornographer, puts female pleasure first. With XConfessions Erika Lust offers her audience the chance to see their own fantasies and adventures visualised in both a realistic and authentic manner, almost always accompanied with a touch of naughty humour. Jennifer Lyon Bell of Blue Artichoke Films experiments with the emotional side of sexual intimacy and Anna Richards of FrolicMe describes her productions with the term ‘Fashion Erotica’ to emphasise on the beauty of erotic cinema and sex.

So where do these great female producers stand with Virtual Reality? Well, they are certainly not waiting to get on the VR train after it has already departed. Angie Rowntree, founder of, a members-only female erotica website that has won the XBIZ Award for Best Alternative Website, is the first female pornographer adapting and experimenting with VR technology. She recently published her first VR film for women called ‘Empowering Ava’, starring Ava Mir-Ausziehen and Lance Hart. Rowntree, a story-driven director who has been in the business of shooting porn for women for over 17 years, offers the viewer to possibility to explore the film in a full 360-degree environment. You can use a VR headset for the complete experience. If you don’t have one you can still watch the video and zoom in and out on any portable device.

Erika Lust Films - - VR Adult Entertainment

We are pretty sure independent and feminist porn producer Erika Lust will soon give VR technology a go as well. “When I do I’ll make sure to include my values: creativity, realism, diversity, pleasure and making sure there’s a narrative there,” Lust says in an interview with Motherboard. “Our biggest sex organ is our brain—and it deserves to be stimulated with all the senses. I’ll definitely have that in mind when I start using this new technology.”

Women are not only ready for VR porn. They are willing to pay for good content, which is reason enough to consider women as porn consumers “a force to be reckoned with”. So let’s be excited to see what change more and more women will bring to VR adult entertainment of the future!

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